When choosing AVISTA SHOW CONCEPTS to handle the A/V for your meeting, you can rest assured that your content will be displayed with the utmost clarity and richest color. Our video engineers will ensure every person at your meeting - from an attendee in the back row to the keynote speaker on stage - receives a crisp visual reference of the material. This way, nobody gets lost and everyone can receive the maximum benefit from your presentations.

VIDEO PLAYBACK - We will direct the production team and ensure proper playback of all visual and sound cues, including live HD and 4K video playback.

MULTI-SCREEN SWITCHING - For events with more sophisticated video needs, we offer and support multi-screen and multi-image setups, seamless switching, and isolated presenter monitors for scripts, cues and speaker notes.

IMAGE MAGNIFICATION - Our camera crew will film the event for live broadcast on theater screens at your meeting’s venue, as well as for future editing and distribution.