At AVISTA SHOW CONCEPTS, our team members have hundreds of hours of show experience with industry-standard presentation softwares. Whether you are designing presentations on a Mac or a PC, in Keynote or in Powerpoint, or utilizing a web-based program, our graphics team can handle your project with ease.

Let us take on all of your Media Management at show site, where we will test every slide, video clip, and animation for consistency and glitch-free operation. We will meet with presenters for slide review and last minute changes, and keep all files neatly organized for future reference and retrieval. We can also design, edit and write copy on the fly, as we know a presentation can evolve from rehearsal to performance.

During your show, we will seamlessly control all on-screen visuals, and direct accompanying cues for lighting and sound. We will optimize all visual content for projection and distribution, so you can trust that every attendee from the first row to the last will be engaged in your message.